Product info

    • 12 covers ( 1200x720 ) dark backgrounds
    • Figma File
    • Use it for personal or professional purposes
    • Use it anywhere license
    • Lifetime license

    What's included?

  • Users
    Testing, personal and commercial
    With a FigmMax90 Personal License, you can use the assets for an unlimited number of personal and client projects. However, when purchasing this type of license, it is restricted to only one user per license.
    The Commercial License gives permission to utilize the downloaded assets for commercial projects such as custom work done for clients, internal company purposes, physical and digital advertisements (with no limit on the number of impressions), and in business social media accounts owned by the license holder. However, the license prohibits using the assets to create products for sale or to develop apps or games.

    Can be used for:

    • Personal and professional purposes.

    Can't be used for:

    • End products for sale
    • Modifying or manipulating the product to use as a non-majority part of a project for sale
    • Reselling or redistributing of the products
    • Assignment of copyright or owner rights


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  • This is the final product so there won't be any updates unless there's need of any fix.

    Will FigMax90. be updated?

  • If you’re not satisfied, please contact Unwrapped and describe the refund reason. Once I receive your refund request, I will inspect it and notify you about the decision. Usually, I can’t make a refund because the product is digital. But I am responsible for the quality of the products and provide a refund if you’re not satisfied with it. The return right applies to all products presented on the website.

    What does your refund policy?